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Choose a partner or similar strength (or go solo if there are odd numbers or mixed skill levels) and get one bar per group.

Set up a running clock. Every minute, within the minute, both partners must complete one rep. If either partner fails to complete the rep within the minute, that partner must move on to the next movement. The remaining partner may continue to perform the previous movement until they fail.

Begin with an empty bar. Each parter snatches the bar, women adding 5lbs and men 10lbs every minute. When bar can no longer be snatched, begin cleaning the bar on the following minute. Women continue to add 5lb and men 10lb each minute. Once bar cannot be cleaned, begin deadlifting the bar, both men and women adding 10lb each minute until one partner fails.

Score highest snatch weight (added together for both partners) in first Metcon, highest clean in second Metcon, and highest deadlift in third. In the 4th Metcon, add all 3 weights together for total score.


Partner 1 reached a snatch of 100lbs
Parter 2 reached 135.

Score for each partner = 235 for Metcon 1

Metcon (Weight)


Metcon (Weight)


Metcon (Weight)


Metcon (Weight)

Total weight

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