Initial Consultation

The first time you walk through the doors at Synergy, you can expect a friendly greeting with a firm handshake. From there, we would love to sit down and briefly chat with you.
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Try It Before You Buy It

We would never ask you to join us without experiencing what we are all about firsthand. And along those lines, we don’t believe that you can get a true taste.
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Joining Synergy

At the end of this process, for those of you that did not go through FOUNDATIONS, if you wish to become a permanent member of the Synergy Family, we do ask one small favor of you.
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Fill Out The Form Below and GET STARTED!

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For our FOUNDATIONS graduates, all the same from above applies, except we will not require the 3-month commitment up front. Your membership will be billed monthly from the day you sign up.

Synergy Monthly Membership Rates for 2015-2016